Unveiling ‘Ruhaniyat’: A Fusion of Craftsmanship from Pochampally to Chanderi

The most exhilarating aspect of my work at D’ART STUDIO is embarking on journeys that allow me to delve into the rich tapestry of India’s diverse crafts.

This year’s voyage led us to the enchanting realm of #Kutch, where we uncovered the mesmerizing art of “#lippan kaam.” Now, our expedition has carried us to the vibrant landscapes of Telangana, to unravel the intricate tale of pochampally Ikat…

Emerging from the heart of Bhoodan #Pochampally in the Nalgonda District of Telangana State, pochampally Ikat has earned its esteemed place as the Silk City of India, celebrated for its resplendent sarees. This remarkable style of Ikat received the coveted GI status in 2004, proudly bearing the name Bhoodan Pochampally. It’s no surprise that this haven was designated as the finest tourism village by the esteemed United Nations Tourism organization (UNTO).
Ikat, the artistry that unfolds in every thread, traces its lineage to resist dyeing—a technique steeped in antiquity.
The 1800s witnessed the flourishing of Pochampally Ikat, a design language resonating with opulence and influence, as traders traversed the silk route.
What distinguishes Ikat is its splendidly abstract nature, evading any strict adherence to motifs or patterns. In the enclave of Pochampally, a conglomerate of 80 quaint villages nestled in Andhra Pradesh, resides a community of master artisans specializing in this art. Here, traditional looms, echoing designs dating back centuries, craft the magic. This locale, bustling with over 10,000 families immersed in the weaving symphony, has rightfully earned the moniker Silk City.

A Pochampally Ikat comes to life through a fascinating orchestration. Threads for both the warp and weft are first imbued with hues, a distinctive process setting it apart from conventional fabrics. It is a dance of colors accomplished through the art of Batik and wax.
And now, a new narrative unfolds in my atelier…
A symphony of South converges with North, a heartfelt homage to the hands that shape India’s soul. We’ve orchestrated an artistic collaboration that unites artisans from Pochampally village and those hailing from #Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh. While Chanderi has long been our canvas, Pochampally Ikat finds its debut in our repertoire. The threads of silk and Chanderi elegantly intertwine, embellished by the finesse of our #dabka #hand embroidery.

This collection—aptly named “#Ruhaniyat”—sings of the seamless fusion of cultures, a testament to the craftsmanship stitched into India’s very fabric.
We will be showcasing the collection soon…
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